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The famous sneaker customization team El Cappy recently inspired the hot “Bel-Air” to embed the embossed pattern that appeared in the shoe lining on the outer side of cheap jordans online Air Jordan 5 and called it “ Bel-Air Inside Out”. Now Xiao Bian brings you the latest figure show of this fancy and exquisite customized work. You should never look at it.

Air Jordan 5 “Bel Air” is indeed a colorful version, the new color constantly released. This pair of fresh prince of bel air jordans for sale sneakers made by El Cappy with colorful geometric patterns gave everyone a different visual impact.

In October, Jordan Brand’s “Bel-Air” series will be listed one after another. Jordan Son of Mars Low “Bel-Air”, which has not had any specific offers before, has finally set the release date. It is reported that this shoe will be on sale on October 5. The retro jordans for sale price is $140 and the part number is 580603-019. The rich details are the characteristics of the Son of Mars Low. This time the “Bel-Air” color combination is even more gorgeous. The gamma blue color matching sole, the fluorescent green color matching shoelace and the inner lining make the overall contrast very strong. Not to be missed.

“Slam Dunk” Nakagawa maple’s boots Air Jordan 5 remember? It is a classic example of the Jordan series of basketball shoes. It is also a milestone in the history of basketball shoe design. Air Jordan 5 “Bel Air”

The color was worn on the feet of the supermodel Chanel Franco, a collection of goddesses of the goddess shot in the shabby room, and of course the Air Jordan 5 at the foot was the focal point.

white black and coral jordans 2018

Recently, Cheap jordans online Air Jordan 11 Low’s exclusive color matching for girls has become a fine collection. In addition to the rose gold Air Jordan 11 Low, there will be a pair of Air Jordan 11 Low “Bleached Coral” which will be released this week.

Under the classic black patent leather with a white midsole, the crystal outsole and the details of the body are adorned with pink cherry blossoms, which is definitely loved by many girls.

It will be officially launched on April 7. The sale price is $130 USD. Interested friends can pay more attention!

Air Jordan 11 Low “Bleached Coral”

With the advent of spring,white black and coral jordans Jordan Brand once again brought a brand new Air Jordan 11 Low “Bleached Coral” color to the younger sisters.

This time the “Bleached Coral” color scheme is based on a black color scheme complemented by a coral color. The smooth black collar is complemented by dazzling patent leather with a clear, structured texture. The matte coral details and the big bottom are set off against the black, and everyone is conspicuous. The younger sisters are very good choices for matching with all kinds of trouser skirts.

It is reported that this Coral 11 Low will be released at the beginning of next month. The retro jordans for sale offer price is $130 USD.

air jordan 11 retro space jam for sale

North American Nike official website re-launched a number of cheap jordans online  Air Jordan 11 “Space Jam”, priced at $ 170, but the size is not complete, as of now, the size of only 4Y.

Last month, Jordan Brand and Blake Griffin released the new Jordan Super.Fly 2017 basketball shoes. After the first match, this time again ushered in a pair of “Space Jam” bets. Inspired by the classic Air Jordan 11 dunks, the suede-inspired upper is covered in black and the heel spliced ​​into a smooth patent leather enhances the texture, accentuates the smooth lines of the body, combined with a white midsole and ice blue crystals. Outsole finishes perfectly. It is retro jordans for sale priced at $140 and it is expected that the shoes will be officially launched in the near future. Interested friends may wish to pay close attention.

Jordan Super.Fly 2017

Some time ago Nike Little Posite One “Space Jam” attracted many attention from the circle. Today, this GS version of the “big dunk spray” confirmed release date will be available this month!

The shoes use the classic Air Jordan 11 “Space Jam” color scheme. The black foamed upper, complemented by black leather collars and uppers, is lined with blue linings and details, and finally finished with a blue crystal outsole, which perfectly presents the essence of “Space Jam” color matching.

Nike Little Posite One “Space Jam” will land on designated retail stores on March 16 and will be offered at a price of $180 USD. It remains to be seen whether there will be male-male sales in the same period. Interested partners can continue to follow their follow-up information.

Nike Little Posite One “Space Jam”

air jordan 1 bred toe 2018 where to buy

Following the hot sale of the Air Jordan 1 “Bred Toe”, air jordan 1 bred toe 2018 where to buy the market’s response has been very positive, and this pair of Air Jordan 1 “Black Toe” and Air Jordan 1 “Bred” two classic dress combinations Pole shoes, replenishment news spread again in recent days!

Since entering 2018, Jordan Brand has been a constant action and this month will introduce the new “Bred Toe” color matching for the classic Air Jordan 1. In terms of design, the upper color mixes Air Jordan 1 “Bred” and “Black Toe”, and the upper is made of high-grade “litcheskin”. It looks quite textured and has improved durability. According to reports, the new “Bred Toe” color matching for the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG will be on stage on February 24th next year for $160, and according to the news from Foot Locker, the famous shoe chain, this eye-catching hit will also be at Foot. Locker’s dozens of stores across the United States are on sale at the same time. It is believed that the number of offers for this time will be extremely alarming. It is not a dream to start at the original price. For more details on the sale, be sure to lock SneakerDaily shoes information.

Cheap jordans online Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG

The Air Jordan 1 High OG “Bred Toe” officially released on Saturday triggered a large number of queuing crowds in China. I don’t know if all shoe fans have a smooth start. This time, friends who didn’t get started need not be disappointed. The editors have a good news for everyone… That is, there is news that the Air Jordan 4 “Bred” will be the first year of color matching in early 2019! The last re-engraving of Air Jordan 4 “Bred” can be traced back to 2012 retro jordans for sale, and this return also follows the design of the first year, followed by Nike Swoosh Logo and Air in the heel, although the brand has not yet confirmed the news. However, as early as the end of 2016, there were rumors that we would like to re-engrave it. With the flow of this news, we hope that we will not let us down.

air jordan 10 Dark shadow for sale

As an OG color release in 1994, Air Jordan 10 “Dark Shadow” will debut again in April this year. Recently, air jordan 10 Dark shadow for sale this year’s color releases a realistic rendering, ready for release next month.

This time still use the first year dress up this OG color rendering, the upper with a gray nubuck leather and black lychee stitching design, supplemented by red Jumpman Logo embellishment, calm and wild, full texture!

This “Dark Shadow” color combination will be available on April 21, and will be offered at $190 USD. In fact, the light shoes themselves, this really does not lose Air Jordan 1 “Shadow”. Interested partners can pay attention to a wave.

Air Jordan 10 “Dark Shadow”

Remember the Air Jordan 10 “Dark Shadow” that made its debut in 1994? In 2008, it also returned with AJ13 as part of the “He Got Game” package. After a decade, Jordan Brand will bring classic colors back to 2018.

Air Jordan 10 “Dark Shadow”

Dark Shadow/Black-True Red

This Air Jordan 10 Retro “Dark Shadow” was first released in 1994 and re-engraved in 2008. It is reported that this shoe will be re-engraved in 2018. The shoes are composed of dark grey, brown, black, and red dotted in detail to form a color theme, which is overall stable and graceful. Friends who like it can pay attention.

Air Jordan 10 Retro “Dark Shadow”

air jordan 1 homage to home price

The yin-yang design of Air Jordan 1 “Homage To Home” attracted a lot of attention with a blend of classic color combinations, and the recent release of the latest release date will advance to April!

The shoes will be air Jordan 1 “Banned” and Air Jordan 1 “Chicago” two popular style, with yin and yang design together, the outside is forbidden to wear, the inside of Chicago, bring super visual impact, will definitely be This year set off a reign of blood!

It will be officially launched at designated stores on April 21. The sale air jordan 1 homage to home price is $190 USD. Interested friends can pay more attention to our follow-up reports!

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Homage To Home”

Recently, the black and red toes once again pushed the popularity of Air Jordan 1 to the top, and Air Jordan 1 “Homage To Home”, which once exposed the yin and yang design, has finally set the release date in the near future!

As early as the end of last year, the Internet broke out with dozens of new information about the Air Jordan 1’s new colors, which made many shoe-makers look at the “hand is not enough!”

Now that the 2018 has passed nearly two months, today we will come and talk about: What is the price of the Air Jordan 1 market so far this year?

And what are the next heavyweight colors to look forward to? After you finish, you will find that the most anticipated one is really not the OFF-WHITE joint name…

Combining the popular classic color “Chicago” with “Banned” and using a yin and yang segmentation design, the outside is forbidden to wear, and the inside is Chicago. It brings a super strong visual impact, and it is powerful to fly. The popular popularity is already Can be anticipated in advance!

air jordan 1 white royal blue for sale

This pair of cheap jordans online Air Jordan 1 OG High “Game Royal”, which resembles the lightning link, has been extremely hot recently. Although the information on domestic sales has been confirmed, the market price has been rising due to the unknown volume.

Recently, a group of photos appeared on the Internet. After reading it, people wanted to buy more! The theme of black, white and blue color is classic and simple. Except that it is very similar to the name of lightning, the color scheme is the same as that of “Chicago”, but the red color is changed to blue.

air jordan 1 white royal blue for sale is an absolute representative of popularity. After Bred Toe’s black and white toes, this pair of white, black and blue Air Jordan 1 “Game Royal” is also a product of attention!

Will be officially released next week, although the volume is not small, but the popular popularity so that the price of pre-sale soared, from the previous good-looking ¥ 14xx has risen to the current ¥ 18xx!

The popularity of Air Jordan 1 Retro High continues! After experiencing Bred Toe’s sale of black and red toes, the Air Jordan 1 “Game Royal” released on March 24th is also a new product with very high attention!

Retro jordans for sale Using a white, black and blue dress resembling sky-light and lightning, it has a strong sense of fashion in addition to its vitality, and it has a vitality in the spring.

At the same time, it has also been “specially concerned” with the customized shoe ring. Taking this pair of shoes as a custom prototype, it has a natural advantage!

This pair of Air Jordan 1 OG High “Game Royal” has attracted much attention because it resembles the lightning link.

The release date is finally set and will be officially launched on March 24th. The offer price is $160 USD.

With the white and blue shoes as the background, the black Swoosh is decorated, the toe and the collar are also presented in blue, and the lightning joint is the black toe and the collar. In addition, this pair of shoes looks very similar to the once astronomical price.

Made of smooth leather, the gloss of the upper is very good. Whether it is the vitality of white, black and blue dresses, or the space reserved for custom players, this game Royal is quite worth watching!

air jordan 12 vachetta tan for sale

The Air Jordan 12 “Vachetta” specially designed for girls will be released tomorrow air jordan 12 vachetta tan for sale. It will bring you a group of real-life photos to take advantage of early adopters.

Choose from high-quality furs, golden buckles and Tpu trims to create a luxurious look. The use of waxed laces and quilted leather linings enhances the sense of value. Beige shoes, gorgeous yet fresh and lovely, suitable for girls on the feet.

It will be sold on the domestic official website at 9:00 tomorrow morning retro jordans for sale. Like friends, please pay close attention to the opportunity to purchase.

Air Jordan 12 “Vachetta”

Nike will re-engrave the classic Nike Air Force 1 Mid Jewel shoes this year, together with the very popular “Vachetta Tan” color. The Jewel series is the classic “small hook” series in Air Force 1. This shoe is also the first re-engraving since 1996 and is very eye-catching. The body of the shoe is cream-coloured. The inner side is equipped with a small Swoosh instead of the original Big Swoosh Air Force 1, while the sole is made of a classic rubber sole.

It is reported that this shoe is no longer commercially available information released, like friends can pay more attention, we will bring follow-up reports.

cheap jordans online 1st Game coloring does not come to China, even in the United States, the volume is minimal! This has made many AZG and James Wong fans unable to experience the first reenactment of these classic boots.

Nike Air Zoom Generation “Tan”, which will be staged during the All-Star season, has a plan for sale in Greater China. The official news from Nike stated “will be designated at retail stores in and Greater China on February 17. Release.”

The first reenactment of James’s first signature sneakers was the first reenactment of James’ shoes! Nike also attached great importance to the configuration, and did not reduce the allocation, is still used with the forefoot Zoom Air and heel Air-Sole’s collocation, and the carbon plate in the end is also true!

air jordan 1 retro high og shadow grey for sale 2018

The last re-engraving was still in 2013. It relapsed after five years. As the first OG color matching in 1985, Air Jordan 1 “Shadow” is absolutely extraordinary!

air jordan 1 retro high og shadow grey for sale 2018 Shadow’s calm temperament, black and white gray color even more wild, becoming the most popular reason for its popularity. The smooth leather is used to create the shoe body. The gray Swoosh and the gray upper material are made of softer leather. The texture of the litchi skin is not obvious. The overall temperament is still capable and simple. It is worth your 100-point expectation!

The worthy Air Jordan 1 “Shadow” cheap jordans online will be on sale on April 14 and the sale price will be $160. It is unclear how many shipments will be re-engraved this time. We will continue to pay attention and bring follow-up reports!

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Shadow”

Air Jordan 1 has always been the most popular sneaker series. After a series of classic color matching experiences, the Air Jordan 1 “Shadow” will finally return.

The classic “Shadow” color scheme is dominated by black and gray. The replica uses a soft, sleek leather material to create the shoe body, which is different from the previous litchi leather. The overall temperament is still very simple.

The upcoming Air Jordan 1 “Shadow” will be available in full size next month.

The Retro jordans for sale classic “Shadow” color scheme is dominated by black and gray. This replica uses a soft, sleek leather material to create the shoe body. It is different from the previous litchi skin. It is simple and low-key and easy to wear. From adults to children. Can manage, suitable for the whole family to wear.

buy jordans online cheap shoes free shipping

Player version of white and blue color, first commercially available, fresh and wild.
buy jordans online cheap shoes free shipping Jordan Brand is a sports brand under Nike. Jordan brand basketball shoes are mainly suitable for basketball lovers. Because of its comfortable, stylish design and good protection performance, it is loved by basketball enthusiasts. The most classic of course is the Air Jordan series basketball shoes. Air Jordan 13’s 97-98 season was the last time the Bulls won the championship season. AJ13 was inspired by the “Black CAT” Panthers. The design of the cat’s eye on the upper and the animal paws on the big bottom all showed the design inspiration of BLACK CAT.

Air Jordan 13’s upper has two kinds of full leather and mesh, and the upper one-week red cow leather fur material combined with the toe of the head adds more texture,cheap jordans for sale and the cat eyes on both sides continue the classic finishing touch. At the end, the front and back palms are zoomed, and the forefoot gives quick feedback and the back of the palm is comfortable and cushioned. 3/4 large-area carbon plates make the torsion resistance more perfect.

NIKE China official store will be released at 9 o’clock this white blue AJ13, priced at 1399 yuan. The white and blue AJ13 is similar to the previously released Chicago color scheme, except that the red part is changed to blue. Once the color was only available to Jordan spokesmen, former NBA player Quentin Richardson once had a foot. Today, Jordan has marketed the color that has never been sold, and the value-friends who like it can take the opportunity to start.