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At the beginning of this year, cheap mens jordan shoes AJ 12 CNY opened the eyes of Chinese shoe fans. The interesting design and super high face value also made AJ 12 a big fire. Recently, Jordan Brand will once again launch a new AJ 12 with excellent texture. As a woman’s exclusive, presumably this AJ 12 can also be harvested by many young ladies.

The shoes are based on black, with gold details and a white sole. The visual effect is good. The biggest highlight of the shoes is the crocodile skin and snake skin texture on the upper, full of exotic and wild charm. Overall, this cheap jordans for sale AJ 12 is both versatile and versatile, making it easy for both boys and girls to navigate.

The Air Jordan 12 WMNS “Reptile” will officially debut on April 12.

In the past few days, we have reported that the Air Jordan 1, designed by Jordan Brand for Super AJ shoe fan SP Gina, is presented in a cool black color. The upper with a special material exudes a unique The metallic luster makes a deep impression on people. In addition to the black dotted embellishment of the outsole and the tongue logo, SP Gina’s personal cartoon avatar is also made on the insole.

Previously it was revealed that Jordan Brand will launch anĀ cheap jordans website Air Jordan 14 Rip Hamilton in April. This AJ 14 is to pay tribute to Rip Hamilton, the outstanding player who won the NCAA National Championship for the University of Connecticut and won the MVP award.

The shoes are performed in pure white, with red accents on the outsole and other details. The visual color difference is large and the atmosphere is lively and beautiful. The shoes are also very suitable for this season, the simple and versatile style can be easily controlled by anyone.

A few days ago, we brought a brand new Air Jordan 1 black and yellow toe color, which made many fans pay attention. After all, the vibrant yellow has always been rare on the Air Jordan 1, and the color matching with the toe series is even more precious.

Do you think this is over? not at all. air jordan 1 new love We know that this year’s Air Jordan 1 not only started to push new products on the color scheme, but also updated the color matching on the low-end version of Air Jordan 1 Low this year. Recently, AJ1 Low, a black and yellow toe dress, was officially exposed on the Internet. The shoes are decorated with light gray on the basis of the black and yellow toe color scheme, and the overall upper is made of turned fur material, full of vintage and old texture. In detail, we saw the logo of the trapeze and the 23 characters on the tongue and insole using red accents.

Retro jordans for sale cheap the iconic element of the Air Jordan 3 is probably a crack, and the previously exposed Air Jordan 3 manuscript has covered some of the shoe fans with a red suede. And with more and more details of the AJ 3 manuscript exposure, we also learned that the original crack on the Swoosh, AJ 3 has a soul!

The playability of this AJ 3 manuscript can be said to be very high. The pure white upper with red suede is full of vitality, and there is a replaceable Swoosh blessing. This shoe is really awesome. White, red, gray, burst crack four Swoosh, each of which gives the shoe a new look, the white version also has 3M reflective special effects, good-looking in low light environment.

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