air jordan 1 homage to home price

The yin-yang design of Air Jordan 1 “Homage To Home” attracted a lot of attention with a blend of classic color combinations, and the recent release of the latest release date will advance to April!

The shoes will be air Jordan 1 “Banned” and Air Jordan 1 “Chicago” two popular style, with yin and yang design together, the outside is forbidden to wear, the inside of Chicago, bring super visual impact, will definitely be This year set off a reign of blood!

It will be officially launched at designated stores on April 21. The sale air jordan 1 homage to home price is $190 USD. Interested friends can pay more attention to our follow-up reports!

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Homage To Home”

Recently, the black and red toes once again pushed the popularity of Air Jordan 1 to the top, and Air Jordan 1 “Homage To Home”, which once exposed the yin and yang design, has finally set the release date in the near future!

As early as the end of last year, the Internet broke out with dozens of new information about the Air Jordan 1’s new colors, which made many shoe-makers look at the “hand is not enough!”

Now that the 2018 has passed nearly two months, today we will come and talk about: What is the price of the Air Jordan 1 market so far this year?

And what are the next heavyweight colors to look forward to? After you finish, you will find that the most anticipated one is really not the OFF-WHITE joint name…

Combining the popular classic color “Chicago” with “Banned” and using a yin and yang segmentation design, the outside is forbidden to wear, and the inside is Chicago. It brings a super strong visual impact, and it is powerful to fly. The popular popularity is already Can be anticipated in advance!

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