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Open the first sun, the shoes evaluation of the protagonist is the most talked about in 2016 engraved AirJordan 11 SpaceJam.
From 2012 onwards, before the December Christmas every year, AJ will send out a big AirJordan 11 to meet the quest of the JRS.

2015 Grand Devils texture fully upgraded, jordan space jam shoes for sale this time SpaceJam 11 workmanship and packaging are done enough effort.

45 mark shoebox and moisture-proof paper, star shoebox inside, there are Looney rabbit details, shoebox work full of sincerity;
There is a small detail in the transparent shoe cover is seen online, here to take a look at the net map last year, the devil shoes box also has these three sentences;

Slam Dunk in the past two out of the 45 version of PE, but the final sale of all 23. The 2016 engraved engraving can be said to be an original engraving. From the area of ​​the patent leather, followed by the PE version of the embroidery 45, insole NIKE Swoosh, followed by trapeze embroidery and direction, even the year due to poor technology, resulting Patent leather bit “beauty tip” are perfect engraved out. Coupled with careful shoebox packaging, Cheap jordans online AirJordan reflects the sincerity.

SpaceJam This 80 must have seen the cartoon movie, the deepest impression on me is the last shot, MJ in the five monster bear hug, hand unlimited stretch into the ball. Much like the AJ11 TV commercial of the year, MJ jumped up into a five-story basket.

Since the appearance of the perfect engraved, then the MJ called the most comfortable AJ’s actual combat how? With this curiosity, I decided to be wayward in the New Year, take the AJ11 to combat, in addition to come out before the public test LBJ14 and SF5 to make a comparison.
(Portal LBJ14: http: //; SF5:
The test shoe size is 44 yards, three pairs of shoes, AJ11 and LBJ14 are wide, SF5 are normal yards.
Let’s introduce myself ~
30-year-old office porter,
6-foot-tall, 80KG, play front position to run the shots and a little breakthrough mainly due to the reasons for practicing long-distance running, so good physical, the team let me go to the other side to score the scorer.

(1) Appearance:
AJ11: 10 points, LBJ14: 8 points, SF5: 7 points.
Appearance of this matter has always been very subjective, but if I say that the best pair of shoes is AJ11 should not be many people will object to it …

As the use of the corresponding color, I think LBJ14 first color also play a role, as the top basketball shoes of different periods, in terms of performance and appearance can reflect the new trend of design and technology, but there are many LBJ14 LBJ details to the shoes fans slowly found.

The other side of the SF5 appearance tends to be more realistic, without too much modification and fancy design, the lack of details of the star elements.

(2) cushioning, comfort:
AJ11: 7 points, LBJ14: 10 points, SF5: 8 points.

In fact, from the configuration we have been able to distinguish himself, AJ11 is built-in full palm Sole cushion, although it is full palm, but Sole cushion sense after all is limited, but also Zoom, Lunar, Boost this new cushioning technology contrast more obvious In bad situation. Only by wearing thick socks to increase the sense of cushioning, wearing the elite 2 generations (above) the foot was significantly better than the elite generation 1 (below).

The LBJ14 is suitable for heavier and striking JR, large-area discrete Zoom gives you unexpected foot experience.

On the contrary SF5 adaptability is very strong, Retro Jordans for sale on the foot you can combat, do not have too much running-in, after all, the forefoot umbrella Zoom sense of foot we are all familiar with the only drawback is that the palm is configured with cushion rubber, long time combat After the palm slightly thin, suitable for light weight jump male.
(3) Site reaction:
AJ11: 8 points, LBJ14: 8 points, SF5: 8.5 points.

AJ11 Although the relative sense of the foot is moderate, but just start feeling good, anti-valgus because there is a patent leather addition, feel better than the LBJ14, but also because the patent leather, shoes, slightly heavier quality, especially now lightweight upper, even more Do not have to compare with LBJ14 and SF5.

Three pairs of shoes I think the best sense of venue SF5, cushion thickness and hardness of the most suitable midsole for me. This is not to say that AJ11 and LBJ14 is not good, 11 feet feel moderate soft, but the lack of feedback, that is, flexibility. LBJ14 flexible, but because of the thickness is too high, sometimes feel the center of gravity instability.

(4) grip:
AJ11: 8.5 points, LBJ14: 8 points, SF5: 8.5 points.

Three pairs of jordan space jams 11 shoes perform well on clean wooden flooring, and it’s worth noting here that it’s “clean.”
Due to the dry winter weather, the board will be more or less some dust, when the shoe pattern on the LBJ14 grip general, accelerate okay, but the disguised emergency stop somewhat lag or even slipping. Some people ask me LBJ14 resistant to wear, I can say that no wear, I played two paint to the surface of the raised small particles have all been polished, jordan space jams price LBJ14 site requirements is a bit high.
Reference to the human engineering science AJ11 outsole and SF5 small grid outsole on the grip of the first class, in the ash on the floor is also very easy to issue “squeaky” friction sound. And AJ11 there is a circle of crystal outsole to increase friction, the only downside is easy to possession of stones, the actual words to regularly clean the shoes under the pebbles.
(5) Protection, flexibility:
AJ11: 8 points, LBJ14: 8 points, SF5: 8.5 points.

AJ11 belongs to the high-top basketball shoes, ankle protection completely rely on similar canvas upper and heel cortex provided completely tied the foot and did not appear oppression, in the absence of fly line era, AJ11’s lace system is really first-class, Achilles tendon parts There is a slight feeling of the top foot, around the big patent leather also give the feet a good protective.
SF5 and LBJ14 are low to help, mainly by the protection of TPU support, more flexibility is also suitable for the trend of striking the ball now.

AJ11 there is a special place is the arch position of a large carbon plate, the thickness does not know, although now less and less Nike carbon fiber in basketball shoes, although the new material TPU from quality and anti-torsion can replace carbon plate, But like me, this old shoes fan also like the visual effects of carbon fiber, especially like the crystal bottom + 11 big + flying Logo’s visual effect is first class!

Of course, there must be a loss,jordan space jams for sale in addition to boredom, just as I have done before the 2K4 evaluation, as we are accustomed to braided or polyester fabric, now wear the back of the cortex or patent leather will feel the upper hard, and a few games Under the patent leather appeared irreversible folds.

And my tongue often ran deviation, it is necessary to adjust the fight.

(6) Integrity
Made a radar chart for your reference, in fact, is not to be subdivided, just want to show that 3 pairs of jordan space jams red shoes have 3 pairs of shoes features.
SF5 overall are biased in actual combat, wear to play do not have to consider too many star burden, are not afraid to be kicked, and now buy goods about 500 high cost is a pair of outfield weapon;
LBJ14 Nike as the latest top basketball shoes, set hundred long, all kinds of high with a blend of both fashion and combat,jordan space jams black is definitely an indoor combat Jiapin;

AJ11, as the AJ series of the most classic works, no matter what color for sale we will like, not to mention such a large dunk with a sci-fi color, the middle of combat is also suitable for me to play basketball with friends at regular weekend, pressing the road to work , Even to wear to the wedding is a good choice.

Finally come a Fadeaways, the end of this assessment, thank you reward! ! !

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