Cheap air jordan 1 new love for sale wholesale

Air Jordan 1 Mid “New Love, Old Love” set on sale for the ten anniversary, Jordan Brand this year, once again back to the “new love” color, so that old shoe fans excited!
Familiar with the black and yellow Mingyan dress, eight hole, tongue and heel Jumpman Logo also help many features version! White bottom and light yellow crystal bottom each other lining, echoing the overall tone at the same time, but also to create a full retro atmosphere!
It is worth noting that the upper wing Logo with black imprint show, transparent plastic compared to the original, more simple texture, extremely easy! On the effect of a considerable degree of visual identification, it is worth starting!
Japan had been on the first sale price of about $850 is expected to be about RMB, domestic stores on April, in addition to the black and blue AJ1, return this one time “, is also worth more to look forward to? So the question is, love will be far away?
Air Jordan 1 Mid “New Love”
Release date: April 2017 (pending)
Item: 554724-035
2007 Retro Jordans for sale Air Jordan 1 Mid “New Love”, which had been sold in the form of a suit, will return to the field of vision in the near future!
After ten years, with a strong recognition of the black and yellow dress, shoe body wing Logo by translucent material into imprint appear, to bring the full retro atmosphere! White middle and yellow crystal with the bottom of the bottom, echoing the overall tone at the same time, highly visual recognition, really fascinating!
The engraved version has been pioneered in Japan on the shelves, priced about $850 RMB, it is reported that China will be listed in April.
Jordan Brand on sale in 2007, a Old Love, New Love, called Air Jordan 1 Mid package, in the rankings have a low rating.
This year is the “Old Love, New Love” on the ten anniversary of the sale of the package, Jordan Brand will be carved from the new one in a black yellow based Air Jordan Mid Love New”. In addition to the tongue and heel by Jumpman Logo, the upper wing Logo is still the translucent material produced. The white bottom with yellow translucent crystal bottom and the whole body of a perfect match.
The Air Jordan 1 Mid New Love is now available in Japan, China has not yet determined the date of sale.

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