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Retro jordan sale website The air jordan 1 low is definitely the main shoe of Jordan Brand this year.
After Guo Allen’s air jordan 5 “Island green” was released, the air jordan 1 low in the same color will also be released in the near future.
Black and white shoes, supplemented by a small fresh breath of lake green dress.
At the same time, the original model of air jordan 1 low is easy to wear and take off with a low top, which is definitely a good commuter shoe.
According to the current news,Cheap jordans online the air jordan 1 low will be available in the near future for $90. Interested friends can search for the product number cq9828-131.
This year, the air jordan 1 Mid has released many new colors, including classic og colors and special designs.
Recently, a very special air jordan 1 Mid se WMNs official picture has just been exposed.
This pair of shoes is based on a white vamp, and the outline of vamp is outlined by black painting. At first glance, it looks a bit like a two-dimensional manuscript.
But this pair of shoes is far more simple than the surface, and there is a mystery under the upper.
The boundary of each structure is made of holographic reflective material, which can present a very dazzling outline effect in dark.
The design of the whole pair of shoes is very cool, which is expected to be the heart of many shoe fans.
At the end of the year, the air jordan 1 Mid released a lot of hard goods one after another. The gold watch me x Air Jordan 1 Mid WMNs “fearless” and the air jordan 1 Mid jointly named by EDC are all popular shoes with higher prices.
Recently, @ solebyjc, a blogger of overseas shoes, exposed a new color air jordan 1 mid “pine green”.
The color matching style is the same as the black green toe color scheme. The upper is decorated with a dark red flying wing logo. The overall texture is very unique.
At present, it has not been confirmed whether this color will be sold in the market. Interested partners can continue to follow our information. We will bring follow-up reports in the first time.
Recently, the chameleon air jordan 1 with zoom cushioning was officially released. This week, the air jordan 1 high zoom revealed a second color photo.
Good looks are loved by many people. Some even say the air jordan 1 looks much better than Dior!
The new color upper features white and light gray, continuing the classic leather upper + nylon sponge tongue.

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