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Cheap Air Jordan 11 Low GS Blue Moon for sale

After the Retro jordans for sale of Air Jordan 11 Low “Columbia” is about to return to the news is determined, and a new color Air Jordan Low 11 GS Blue Moon release date has also been confirmed.
The appearance of this Air Jordan 11 Low GS in addition to using a new color, material has also made a great change. The body of the shoe to hygen blue, the conventional nylon material to the suede material, the leather shoe body more alternative unique burst lines, with crystal bottom, full texture, very recognizable! The overall color is unique, distinctive personality!
This pair of Air Jordan 11 GS Blue Moon will be available for sale in April 22nd, the sale price of $$130, the maximum price should be Low or 9.5Y, like the girls have to prepare in advance.
Air Jordan 11 GS Low Blue Moon”
Item: 580521-408
Release date: April 22nd
Offer price: $$130

Cheap air jordan 1 new love for sale wholesale

Air Jordan 1 Mid “New Love, Old Love” set on sale for the ten anniversary, Jordan Brand this year, once again back to the “new love” color, so that old shoe fans excited!
Familiar with the black and yellow Mingyan dress, eight hole, tongue and heel Jumpman Logo also help many features version! White bottom and light yellow crystal bottom each other lining, echoing the overall tone at the same time, but also to create a full retro atmosphere!
It is worth noting that the upper wing Logo with black imprint show, transparent plastic compared to the original, more simple texture, extremely easy! On the effect of a considerable degree of visual identification, it is worth starting!
Japan had been on the first sale price of about $850 is expected to be about RMB, domestic stores on April, in addition to the black and blue AJ1, return this one time “, is also worth more to look forward to? So the question is, love will be far away?
Air Jordan 1 Mid “New Love”
Release date: April 2017 (pending)
Item: 554724-035
2007 Retro Jordans for sale Air Jordan 1 Mid “New Love”, which had been sold in the form of a suit, will return to the field of vision in the near future!
After ten years, with a strong recognition of the black and yellow dress, shoe body wing Logo by translucent material into imprint appear, to bring the full retro atmosphere! White middle and yellow crystal with the bottom of the bottom, echoing the overall tone at the same time, highly visual recognition, really fascinating!
The engraved version has been pioneered in Japan on the shelves, priced about $850 RMB, it is reported that China will be listed in April.
Jordan Brand on sale in 2007, a Old Love, New Love, called Air Jordan 1 Mid package, in the rankings have a low rating.
This year is the “Old Love, New Love” on the ten anniversary of the sale of the package, Jordan Brand will be carved from the new one in a black yellow based Air Jordan Mid Love New”. In addition to the tongue and heel by Jumpman Logo, the upper wing Logo is still the translucent material produced. The white bottom with yellow translucent crystal bottom and the whole body of a perfect match.
The Air Jordan 1 Mid New Love is now available in Japan, China has not yet determined the date of sale.

Cheap Air Jordan 5 Retro Premium Take Flight on sale

Join the weekend Jordan Brand ushered in a luxurious member, Air Jordan 5 Retro Premium “Take Flight” to RMB “price of $2999”
The positioning of the luxury shoes in the overseas price is also very high,Retro Jordans for sale $$400.
With a full leather shoes to create gorgeous color, Tan tongue, full leather lining, are very delicate and rich texture.
In addition to the eye-catching effect of their own shoes, shoes and accessories with the dust bag is also the theme of the fighter show, are unique rare boutique.
Item: 881432-305
Price: $2999
Jordan 5 Retro Premium “Take” after the sale of luxury quality military wind Air Flight Jordan, and a luxury Air with the same quality specifications of the real picture released.
This pair of Air Jordan 5 with the same Take Flight luxury atmosphere, but the white tone is refreshing. From the material to the details, from the temperament to shoelaces, with green color of an identical nature! In addition, the body of the shoe tongue and bottom lining and insole is also used in leather luxury quality and is equipped with metal lead shoes laces.
At present the official release date has not been determined, the sale price would also like Air Jordan 5 Retro Premium “Take Flight” reached RMB 2999 yuan?

Cheap Air Jordan 11 Low Columbia for sale wholesale

Air Jordan 11 Low “Columbia” is about to return to the news of the release has attracted the attention of many shoe players, this classic color is bound to set off a storm.
This time, Air Jordan 11 Low “Columbia” to deduce white shoe body with blue paint, fresh and pleasant feeling exciting, hot summer without a touch of cool?
It is reported that the Air Jordan 11 Low “Columbia” will be available in April 15th of this year, the sale price of $175 dollars, the same period will also release the GS, the sale price of $$130, interested please pay attention to us buddy tracking reports.
Air Jordan 11 Low “Columbia”
Item: 528895-106
Release date: April 15, 2017
Retro Jordans for sale Offer price: $$175
Air Jordan 11 GS Low “Columbia”
Item: 528896-106
Release date: April 15, 2017
Offer price: $$130
Will be back again in April 15th, the Air Jordan 11 Low “Columbia” not only bring back a refreshing and pleasant white and blue dress, white leather shoes collar blessing, but also makes the whole more texture.
This can not resist the vitality of reproduction, is undoubtedly the best choice for this summer out of the street!
We show through a group of SBD pictures, to see the 2001 and the 2017 in detail, what are the same and different.
Popular Air Jordan 11 Low “Columbia” has been determined to be on sale in the summer of 2017, and released official pictures.
This pair of Air Jordan 11 Low “Columbia” will be the first time this summer complex. In the white shoes on collocation blue leather, white bottom connected with pale blue outsole, in the hot summer, how can not accept such a pair of cool Air Jordan 11 Low “Columbia”?
It is reported that this Air Jordan 11 Low will be available in full size on May 2017 sale, the price of the men’s offering of $$175, GS version of the offer price of $$130 Columbia.
As the most popular Jordan Brand shoes, Air Jordan 11 Low in the classic elements while maintaining a comfortable and flexible wear experience.
As Joe closer love a partial foot shoes, the next Jordan Brand will bring the classic “Columbia” Jordan, who played baseball team Bermingham Baron “Barons” and two female exclusive color return to us. Also noteworthy is that one of the women’s color for the Premium version of the Heiress color, the Cheap Jordans for sale same price of $$175.
In addition, the price from this year’s $170 U.S. dollars rose to $$175, at present no more than the physical picture of the shoe release, we will pay close attention to later to bring you more detailed reports.